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Name: Stelios Orphanides


Specialty: Geriatric Medicine


Degree: MD, MSc, CCD


Address: 28th Oktovriou 47, 3rd Floor, 302, Nicosia


Telephone: 22590520


Mobile: 99202490


Fax: 22590521


Email: sorphanides@gmail.com



Working Hours


Monday – Wednesday, Friday: 09:00-13:00, 15:00-19:00


Thursday: 09:00-13:00

Dr. Stelios Orphanides received his medical degree (MD) upon graduating from the Medical University of Malta in 2006. Thereafter, he returned to Cyprus where he completed his pre-registration year and received his medical license. He then moved to Sweden where he completed his specialty training in Geriatrics at Södra Älvsborg Hospital. During his training he regularly attended the Osteoporosis Clinic, and was successful at the ISCD exam (International Society of Clinical Densitometry) thus receiving the CCD title (Certified Clinical Densitometrist) enabling him to investigate, accurately interpret radiological images and offer management for Osteoporosis. Upon completing his specialist training he was promoted to Senior Consultant in Geriatrics and appointed Head of the Memory Clinic where he solely performed specialized dementia investigations for the whole Södra Älvsborg region. At the same time he was also working as a Consultant Geriatrician at regional elderly care centers as well as providing advanced medical care for the elderly at the comfort of their homes.


Dr. Stelios Orphanides has completed a Master Course in Dementia at the Karolinska University hospital and he will be conferred the title of ´Silvialäkare´(Doctor of Queen Silvia) which is the highest title available in the field of dementia in Sweden.Geriatrics is the field of Medicine dealing with the health issues of the elderly (≥ 65 years of age). The Geriatrician can adjust the patient´s medication according to the patient´s age, underlying illnesses and current health status as well as manage acute and chronic medical conditions.


Common Geriatric Topics/Conditions include:


 -Dementia and BPSD (Behavioral and Psychiatric Symptoms of Dementia)Osteoporosis

 -Post-operative care after an osteoporotic fracture / Medical care after suffering a stroke

 -Depression and anxiety

 -Diabetes mellitus

 -Fever and infections (pneumonia, urinary tract infections etc)

 -Hypertension and Hypotension / Confusion / Heart Failure,

 -Syncope and fainting episodes / Sleeping problems,

 -Tiredness. Diziness / Urine retention and urine incontinence

 -Palliative care / Pain / Pharmaceutical review


 Dr. Stelios Orphanides can offer specialized dementia and osteoporosis investigations as well as consultations for the elderly patients from January 2016. You can meet  Dr. Stylianos Orphanides either by booking directly an appointment at Iator Medical Center or your GP can refer you for a consultation. Our services also include house calls as well as medical visits to elderly care homes or rehabilitation centers.


The elderly patients suffer from a number of medical conditions, often a combination of the above.

It is the Geriatrician´s role to offer a pharmaceutical review and adjust the patient´s medication in order to minimize the side effects whilst adequately treating the underlying diseases and providing the best quality of life for the patient.

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